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Cumulus Media First to Test New iDitty Interactive Technology That

Enhances Concert Experience for Music Fans and Gathers Data for Sponsors

95.5 NASH ICON to Offer iDitty VIP Credentials at March 14th LOCASH Concert in Nashville

(NASHVILLE, TN) March 7, 2017  Cumulus Media announces that 95.5 NASH ICON/WSM- FM in Nashville will be the first to test iDitty Interactive Souvenirs as an exclusive VIP credential for the LOCASH concert at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville on March 14, 2017. The fully interactive VIP laminates offer an enhanced concert experience for LOCASH fans, while connecting them with LOCASH, 95.5 NASH ICON and Reviver Records long after the event. iDitty VIP credentials also provide information about concert attendees for the station, label, band and event sponsors.

95.5 NASH ICON has partnered with iDitty Inc., the Nashville-based international technology company behind the customizable interactive souvenir laminates, Reviver Records and LOCASH to offer the interactive credentials to concert attendees. The iDitty Interactive Souvenirs will be offered to the first 500 fans in attendance. LOCASH’s March 14th Nashville concert is part of 95.5 NASH ICON’s Rhythm and Boots concert series and will raise money for the non-profit organization, Musicians On Call. 

After the show, the station and LOCASH-branded interactive laminates will provide concertgoers with a long-term experience with LOCASH through music, videos, real-time photos, tour updates, social links, and the ability to purchase tour merchandise through the free iDitty app and online e-commerce platform. The interactive laminates connect fans with 95.5 NASH ICON, LOCASH, Reviver Records and sponsors long after the concert, enabling them to receive alerts of upcoming shows, special ticket offers, meet & greets, merchandise discounts, news, behind-the-scenes photos and more. Conveniently, fans can even transfer the music from the card to their iTunes account or music player. The iDitty credentials will also provide 95.5 NASH ICON, Reviver Records and LOCASH with information about download activity, fan demographics and will enable them to distribute Perk Alert notifications to fans long after the concert.

Charlie Cook, Vice President, Country, Cumulus Media, and Operations Manager, Cumulus Media-Nashville, said: “We are excited to introduce the iDitty souvenir to our audience at this show. This platform allows the station another opportunity to interact with our audience following the show.”

Hugh Kirkpatrick, Senior Vice President, iDitty Inc., said: "Charlie Cook, Cumulus, and NASH ICON are very respected names in Nashville and the music industry overall. Charlie is a true visionary. LOCASH and their fans are a perfect target demo. We are pleased to be working with such a great team of people."

The iDitty Interactive Souvenir as a merchandise item gives fans a sense of exclusivity by wearing a VIP badge around their necks, which normally only industry insiders would have. In return, After purchasing an artist's iDitty Interactive Souvenir card, fans simply install the free iDitty app on their mobile device, enter their email, scan the unique QR code on the back of the card, and the artist’s music or other uploaded assets are immediately delivered to the fan.

For more information about iDitty, contact Sales at 615-504-4770...


iDitty’s New Technology Is Stirring Up Traditional Marketing in Music, Sports, Theme Parks,Casinos, Non-Profits and More

(Nashville, TN) August 29, 2016 - iDitty, a fully customizable, high tech interactive ecosystem, is changing the way music artists, record companies, theme parks, sports franchises and more engage with fans and customers and exponentially increasing sales of recorded music, tickets and merchandise. What starts as a simple purchase of the iDitty card at a concert, sporting event, theatrical performance or on a website leads to long-term fan experiences through the free iDitty app and platform.

Companies like Sony Music, Big Machine Label Group, Curb Records, high-profile management companies and names like Gene Simmons, Carrie Underwood, Mark Slaughter, Chris Young, Tracy Lawrence and Newsboys have already utilized the iDitty cards with inspiring results. Albums uploaded to the cards are reported to SoundScan, giving record companies a new way to market music (albums) and generate better revenue in a world that has seen album sales drop year after year.

After purchasing the artist's iDitty Interactive Souvenir, fans simply install the free iDitty app, enter their email (like any other app), scan the QR code on the back of the card and the fan has the artist's music and other content. The music artist or company can stay connected and send alerts of upcoming shows, special ticket offers, meet & greets, discounts on merchandise, news, behind-the-scenes photos and more. Music downloaded from the card can be transferred to the fans iTunes folder.

The technology allows the artist's team to "push" to a smart device anytime to offer artist merchandise, selfie videos and pictures so the fan can follow the tour, backstage photos, recording session photos, etc., in order to keep the artist top of mind. This technology can even monetize any company's existing free app.

National brands are already seeing great value in sponsoring the interactive cards. Adding their logo to the back of the card and their website link in the content creates significant exposure for their product or service and a guaranteed direct shot to the consumer. Sponsorship opportunities can lower or even cancel the cost of the cards to the artist.

iDitty is also gaining attention from a variety of verticals like casinos, theme parks, festival planners, convention planners, convention and visitor bureaus, cruise lines, professional sports teams, racing organizations and alumni groups. The cards can be used as general admission tickets and/or VIP passes that can be used to inform cardholders of special offers. Non-profits and churches are seeing value in iDitty as a way for supporters to donate anytime and as a cost saving measure for the organization.

Industry executives and record companies have tested the technology this year and have found that it is a win-win-win for the fan, the artist and label.

  • "Sony artist Kane Brown sold 1500 iDitty Interactive Souvenirs in just three days and over 1400 (over 90%) were scanned and counted as albums. iDitty has provided a really fun experience for the fan, and delivers the album, videos, pics, and all of Kane's social links, to one place. The fans loved it and lit up social media. It also provides both Kane and Sony the ability to reach back to the fan base at any time for updates and merchandise specials. We have tested it with Carrie Underwood and Chris Young at select special events as well."

- Paul Barnabee, VP Marketing, Sony Music Nashville

  • "We tested iDitty with Dylan Scott. Dylan went on Facebook Live and told his fans about it. The fans loved the interactive cards and we were able to sell quite a few Dylan Scott albums through the iDitty platform."

- Benson Curb, VP Sales, Curb Records

  • "We tested iDitty with Craig Morgan at a special event that had a lot of VIPs in attendance. The iDitty Interactive Souvenir provided a low cost gift for the VIPs and gave us an effective tool to achieve our goals."

- Greg McCarn, GM, Black River Entertainment

  • "We tested iDitty with Tracy Lawrence's annual Mission Possible: Turkey Fry with great success. The iDitty card was sold as the event's ticket featuring each sponsor's logo, including downloadable content from Tracy (his last album, images, info on his syndicated radio show and more.) We then used the iDitty Interactive Souvenir again at CMA Music Fest this year via CMA's street team and moved 2000+ cards to the fans sharing more music, photos, social sites - from Tracy's and his guests including TG Sheppard, John Berry and Lorrie Morgan - featuring the CMA Logo on the back of the card. In both cases, we've been able to re-engage with all the fans that consume the iDitty cards and offer additional incentives."

- Steve Emley, Manager for Tracy Lawrence

  • "The Casey Donahew iDitty cards were a fun new way to connect with his fans leading up to his new All Night Party album. Giving fans the ability to purchase and stream the album through the app was a great way to build awareness leading up to release day."

-       Melinda Donahew, Almost Country Records

  • "We used iDitty for artist Drew Baldridge at CMA Music Fest this year. It allowed us to move albums and stay connected to the fans. We tested 1000 cards and had over a 70% redemption rate. We received over 700 album credits that we otherwise would not have had. Next time we may bundle it with a T-Shirt."

-       Pete O'Heeron, President, Cold River Records

  • Neste Event Marketing tested iDitty for the annual fashion show in Nashville called "Off The Record."  Off the Record is a high end fashion show and fund raiser that many in the music industry support. iDitty Interactive Souvenirs gave us as well as our sponsors a new way to stay connected to all of the VIP's in attendance. We plan on using it again this year."

-       Gil Cunningham, President, Neste Event Marketing

  • "The response we received when we used iDitty was beyond our expectations, and we will be integrating this platform in future events and marketing."

- Cary Rolfe, VP of Programming & Artist Relations, The Country Network

  • Mark Slaughter, from the multi-platinum and American Music Award winning band Slaughter, used iDitty as the vehicle for his first solo project last year. "People from around the world enjoyed these interactive cards. They could wear them, get VIP information, and listen to the music anywhere.

Never lose contact with the music fan again .....that is priceless for any artist or label! I will definitely be using iDitty for my next solo release this year," said Slaughter.

  • The Christian Rock Group Stryper is using iDitty on their new tour and to promote and sell their new album Fallen.
  • Indy artist Travis Marvin saw the power and impact of iDitty quick. Travis is VERY well known in the mid-west market (with his home base of Kansas City) and is friends with many of the writers in Nashville. Travis reached out to one of his tour sponsors and they gladly purchased the iDitty Interactive Souvenirs for Travis. Travis also posted a video on Facebook and his website explaining to his fans WHY he was using iDitty. Travis said," The fans LOVED it. My sponsor LOVED it. The price of the card / album to the fan was easily accepted, the revenue to me was very nice, and the album reported to Soundscan. I can now also reach everyone on my fans that bought my album and share new content and invite them all back. I can also move my branded merchandise to my many loyal fans."

  • Kent Wells, Veteran Nashville musician, Grammy-nominated producer, guitar player for Dolly Parton, and owner of the Nashville based Independent music label Go Time Records (GTR) has been instrumental in helping their new flagship artist Curtis Braley find and use the iDitty technology to move albums and provide his fan base with a new, hip, fun merchandise item that delivers his music in the format the fan wants." Kent said. "This is a no brainer. iDitty does it all. Everyone involved wins. Curtis can stay connected and share tour pics, and his life with his fans anytime. This keeps him top of mind with his fan base. I love it." His manager Jeff Riley with BMG Management said, "The fans REALLY enjoyed it and we are ready to order more.", 
  • "I used iDitty for my first single and the fans loved it. I was able to share my music, videos, photographs and give fans something signed and tangible but not bulky. It was a great way to give my fans the full package. Plus it's a cool souvenir all in one!"

- Electra Mustaine, country music artist, daughter of Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine

"iDitty is not a download card," stressed Senior VP of iDitty Hugh Kirkpatrick. "We are a total ecosystem - a fun, hip, physical asset that looks and feels like a backstage pass and creates a fan experience unlike anything on the market today. Artists selling these at concerts can autograph them, and full albums uploaded to the cards are reported to Soundscan as a sale just like a CD. iDitty places everything in one location like a retail store on the fan's iPhone, Android, iPad, and/or desktop. No need to go to five different places to find everything related to the artist. The fan can have everything about their favorite artists in one place."

"Knowing that we all keep our phones with us 24/7, this is the logical place to stay engaged with the fan," added Kirkpatrick. "Once the fan scans the Interactive Souvenir, the content is housed in the app on the fan's smart device, and the artist's team can reach the fan anytime, anywhere via a 'perk alert' push notification. We can even stay connected to fans via their desktop, if they do not have a smart device."

For additional information, contact iDitty Sales at 615-504-4770...