The Card

About the MAJiiK Card

MAJiiK Interactive Souvenir Cards are the revolutionary way to connect people to affinities and to efficiently distribute music, videos, pictures, and other rich media content. People are more engaged, Artists keep more of their own profits, Labels get incremental revenue, and Brands can help enhance the overall experience for all. Attractions give their visitors an interactive experience like never before.

Physical Cards

Pick up a MAJiiK Card from a fan club or merch table at your favorite concert or event and access premium content and an enhanced experience right that very second. Text the keyword on the back of the card with your smartphone or go to our website and follow the instructions. Then instantly access your premium content and interactive experience.

"The MAJiiK Card securely delivers any digital content and interactive experience while directly connecting people with their affinity."

Virtual Cards

Add as many virtual cards to your MAJiiK private cloud collection as you want. Get all the benefits of the physical card and save even more! Cards can include songs, whole albums, exclusive videos and pictures, VIP experiences, and lots more. Check individual cards to determine their included content.


Many MAJiiK Cards are collectibles themselves and include exclusive content you can’t get anywhere else. Physical cards can be signed at events (or order limited-edition signed cards), framed and hung on the wall, and generally used to “show off” at any gathering. And, with your personal MAJiiK Private Cloud, it's easy to organize, arrange, and access all of your virtual cards in one convenient, secure, place.